Five Reasons Why I Think You Should Come To SUNY Oswego

Media opportunities –

I must admit I am biased to put this number one. My major is broadcasting and the opportunities provided by SUNY Oswego are quite impressive. Working with the tv station here, WTOP , and the radio station, WNOY, has been a great pleasure of mine. There are other extracurricular activities like improv, table tennis, badminton and many others, But to be able to get experience and connections in my major is invaluable.

Lake views –

The Oswego campus sits right on stunning Lake Ontario. With many dorms facing the water and parks along the water you will always have access to the lake. 

Sporting events –

there are a host of sporting events here at Oswego, but the most exciting of the lot is hockey. Almost every weekend during the season students are welcome to watch the Oswego Lakers play for free. 

Housing –

there are many housing options at SUNY Oswego. The most sought after of which is the village residence hall. This facility features solo rooms, a kitchen and a house laundry room. There are also many houses for rent in the town of Oswego that are competitively priced and in close proximity to the school. 

Dining –

there are many dining options at SUNY Oswego that are available throughout most of the day. The halls are near to classes and to residence halls. One of my favorites is the lunch and dinner antipasto. If you just want to grab a quick bite between classes there are also retail dining options. The crossroads swiss and mushroom burger is my go to. 

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