Rigmaroll is intended to be the inverse to Breach in its approach to customization. Whereas Breach has many options as to what you can start out as, in Rigmaroll you start with a blank sheet that you slowly fill out as you accomplish things in game. Also different is the approach to combat. In Breach players are able to string abilities together to make new abilities, but the abilities can only do what the description says. In Rigmaroll the description of abilities just describes one thing that the ability can do and everything that it can not. Players are able to describe what happens between these bounds. That way players are still able to have agency over their characters even without customization options.

Pros And Cons of The System

Players can go from wanting to play Rigmaroll to playing in the time it takes to print out the character sheet. This itself is both a pro and a con because it comes at the cost of customization, but the biggest con to the system right now is that it exists only in an orange notebook on my desk. The system is not very dense, but the advancement systems of customization will require careful planning to execute properly. 

Another pro/con with the system is its approach to combat. Combat in Rigmaroll is Brief and dangerous. The balancing is designed so that most characters will only be able to be attacked twice before dying. For the one-shots this system is designed for that is good, but it does make the system unsuited to longer campaigns.