The Purpose of This Site –
This website serves as a host for videos and essays I have written, as well as an archive of the game’s Rigmarole and Breach. The videos I produce are mainly about video game design, same goes with the essays. As for the two games, both are tabletop RPGs made with opposite design philosophies as practice for my game designing skills. Breach was made with the idea of  complex and expansive character customization, whereas Rigmarole has virtually no character customization. The systems of the two games are quite similar. you can read more about it on their respective pages by clicking on the “Games” button above.

News –
The digitization of Rigmarole has begun. Just like what I did with Breach it started out as handwritten notes and then transitioned to Google Docs and finally into an InDesign format. Right now I’m in the process of taking handwritten notes and moving them into Google Docs. Once I finish that I will post a bare bones PDF of the Rigmarole ruleset.  I hope to maybe have that PDF ready in late May.