How I am Doing at Oswego

How’s a going grandma? Thank you for sponsoring my education. I am still getting adjusted after my transfer from Polytech but I have some updates for you.

I am Eating Well –

As you know at the beginning of the semester I discovered that I do not have a meal plan and so have been cooking for myself. This is frankly for the best as I enjoy cooking and will end up playing less than I would if I had a meal plan. Most of my classes are before noon so normally I will just scarf down some eggs before classes. After class I will make a sandwich for lunch and either a burger with a potato based side or a chicken breast with rice. The kitchen in my dorm is more than enough to make these simple meals. Although, I wish my roommates would learn to clean up after themselves.

A painting of many eyes of different colors and sizes.

I am Staying In The Village-

So I did end up getting into the village. A few of my friends up here are jealous that I managed to get in as a sophomore. There is a credit requirement to get in that only juniors can achieve but because my classes at SUNY POLY had more credit hours I managed to get in. The village is one of the few dorms that has solo rooms so I am very glad to be here. The room is of a nice size, but I have only sparsely decorated it. I have one of moms paintings on the wall, the eyeball one I like. I haven’t really gotten to meet my roommates yet because everyone is busy. The spring is always so much more hectic than the fall. 


I am in some fun classes this semester. I did not lose much in the transfer but the requirements of general ED are slightly different so I need to take a second language class. By the time I get to Japanese 102 I will have forgotten all of 101 so that will be an issue. As for this semester I am mostly in media classes so that will be fun especially since they seem to be hands on. There is one class I imagine I will have difficulties in and that is marketing. I am having issues with the nomenclature in that class. Normally I am quite good with definitions but the lingo in this class is a minefield of similar terms with absolutely different meanings. A marketing strategy is something completely different than a marketing plan. Synonyms be damned. Even with my issues, I imagine I will do well this semester. 

Working at WTOP –

I have started working at the tv station up here. When I brought this up to mom she asked how much I would be making so let me hedge this off by saying I am doing it for fun. As of now I am just behind the camera at some of the sporting events, but I hope that I will be able to work in the crew on the morning news. I would like to get a spot in front of the camera one day, but this semester I am in a news writing course so I figured I would try to be an anchor next semester.


A man giving double thumbs up in a radio studio.

Me and Jacob are running a radio show on the station up here. Not to immediately throw a wet blanket on this achievement but they did seem rather desperate to fill in some of their time slots, but still I GOT A SHOW! It is called mostly noise. The plan is to do an exploration into a singular artist or genre every episode. We air Thursdays at six pm. Our next episode is on sea shanties. I know that sounds weird but there is a social media history related to the subject that we plan to go in depth on. Now I can put “Radio show host on my resume”.

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