Breach is one of the first games Hypothetical Game studio has worked on. It is based around player customization. Players are able to decide on many things when making their characters in this system, even making their own abilities. Over the course of making the game It has gone through many changes, turning it into a sort of patchwork system. As such it is useful in a variety of settings as systems can be added or removed to best fit within the logic of that world. Many systems were completely removed from the game because they did not work well with the system, but it is possible that they may return in future titles.

Pros And Cons of The System

The Breach system is dense. New players can spend up to 2 hours making characters. This is because of the large amount of choices that players can make. The time it takes to make characters makes this system unsuitable for one-shot campaigns (short games that are played over the course of a single session). It is because of this flaw that I started to work on rigmaroll, a game where players don’t even have to make characters. The amount of choice is intended to allow players to customize their characters as much as possible with the idea that this would create an aesthetic of attachment.


The default setting of Breach is called 2048. It is set 30 years after a near apocalyptic war called the hemoclysm. The main conflict in the setting is a brewing war between a coalition of feuding clans and a powerful paramilitary company over the remains of the northeast United States. The players are able to interact with this world in any way they wish, they can pick a side or simply ignore the conflict to aim toward another goal.